How to choose the right water heater


Most households to not put much importance on the water heater that they are using except when they are constructing a new house or have caught the love your environment bug and in the process of making their abode more energy efficient. It is a good bet to assume that most people do not put much thought on how their water gets heated and would only buy a new water heater when the old one has stopped working.

When you’re looking for the water heater that is just the right size for your home, you should consider the busiest day in your household and decide on that. You don’t need to consider the days when you have a lot of relatives who came over. If you do that you’ll end up getting a water heater that is more than you need and consumes more energy. You have to disregard the size of your old tank. It may have worked properly before, but it’s best to look for something that is more in tune with your actual needs, or you could simply callĀ Water heater replacement, Arlington Heights, IL. to check if a replacement can be done easily.

Determine your household’s peak demand for hot water consumption and compare it with the water heaters’ first-hour rating or FHR. You can find that on the heater’s yellow energy guide level. It will help you decide on which heater to choose because it will tell you how much hot water the machine will produce during the peak hours of use. FHR is not the same as some gallons that the tank contains.

When you computed a high FHR, you have to install a second water heater. You will find out that gas and oil units have higher FHR. The size of the heater matters, but the FHR is still high compared to electric heaters. This is because flames can heat water quickly.

You must also look at the energy factor (EF) and avoid buying based on cost and size. A higher EF rating means better energy efficiency and better insulation on the tank which is also important.

Normally water heaters with high EF’s are more expensive than the ones with lower EF’s. Even though you will incur more cash outlay with heaters with a high EF, in the long run, the heater will be proven to be more practical as you consume less heating expenses in the coming years. When the cost of heating expenses increase, it means that the payback period of your heater is shortened.

The numbers that we have calculated earlier is not the actual energy cost of the water heater. To get that value, you have to go to a website that has spreadsheets which compute this information for you. All you need to do is to encode the actual energy consumption of the heater to the spaces provided in the spreadsheet. To come up with this data, you will have to plug in the water heater to see the actual energy consumed.

When you’re done checking if the water heater is cost and energy efficient, it’s now time know about the length of machine hours does the water heater have? The more years you have in your heater could be the deciding factor if you’re going to purchase it.